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The Old Pictou Post Office


The old 1895 downtown Pictou post office, a storied building steeped in history, has witnessed its fair share of tenants over the years. Despite numerous attempts at repurposing, luck has often eluded this architectural gem.

One intriguing architectural quirk that sets the Pictou post office apart is its massive chimney with a peculiar window embedded within. A unique feature unparalleled elsewhere in North America, it adds a touch of mystery to the building's charm.

For years, whispers of a spectral presence lurking behind the chimney have circulated among locals. Some dismissed it as mere folklore, while others swore by the eerie sensation of being watched. However, recent revelations shed light on the identity of this elusive figure.

According to local legend, the ghostly presence is none other than Pictou's first postmaster. Described as a "serious person," the postmaster was, in reality, a humorless and stern individual, earning a reputation as a grim fellow.

It is said that the postmaster's desk was strategically positioned to afford a commanding view through the window in the chimney. His ghost, perpetually trapped in a ghostly loop, continues to cast disapproving glares at unsuspecting observers, as if resenting any interruption to his "very important work" across the boundaries of time.

The revelation adds a new layer of intrigue to the old post office, transforming it from a mere historic landmark to a point of interest for paranormal enthusiasts. As the building's secrets are gradually unveiled, one can't help but wonder what other mysteries lie hidden within its walls, waiting to be discovered.

photo credit: Alvin Comiter