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Blue Route Trail

87 Caladh Avenue, Pictou

The Blue Route provincial cycling network will connect Nova Scotia’s communities through designated cycling routes on secondary highways with paved shoulders, low traffic volume roads, hard surfaced trails, and city streets. The concept of the Blue Route is based on the award winning Route Verte in Quebec, which brings in upwards of $200M in tourism revenue each year and is seen as one of the best active transportation networks in the world.

Customs House

38 Depot Street, Pictou

The Customs House was built circa 1873 according to designs by Halifax architects Stirling and Dewar for the Federal Government. The Second Empire structure features a double façade looking out to the harbour and in to the town. The massive building was a forceful statement made by the federal government of a young country, an indelible imprint on the town’s streetscape. Prior to a 1956 hurricane, there was an enclosed light at the top of the tower on the harbour side.

David McCulloch House

26 West Cottage Street, Pictou

The stone partitions in this 1863 home of customs collector David McCulloch (Thomas's son) run from the basement to the attic. This mid-Victorian gem is one of the largest and most intricately designed brick house in Pictou.

Davies Foundry (The Olde Foundry)

104 Front Street, Pictou

Davies Foundry built circa 1855 for William Davies, the buildings were the nucleus of an iron foundry.

Dawson Monument

Near 16 Church Street, Pictou

William Dawson, one of the foremost Canadian scholars of his generation, was born at Pictou. After studies at Edinburgh work with the geolgist Lyell, he returned to become first Superintendent of Education for Nova Scotia (1850-53).

Escape Room - McCulloch House

100 Haliburton Rd, Pictou

You'll need to keep your wits about you as you uncover hidden clues, crack codes, and solve challenging puzzles. But beware - time is of the essence. The clock is ticking, and you'll need to act fast if you want to make it out in time. So what are you waiting for? The ultimate escape experience awaits!

First Presbyterian Church

10 Prince St, Pictou

In the 1840, 50s and even the 60s many protestant groups built churches with steeples just like this one - flat topped with mini spires at each corner, much like a "widow's walk". The widow's walk was a common seaside structure, named for the widows of seafarers who have not returned from the sea, hopefully pacing atop a high tower, eyes to the sea, still believing that he may return. In 1848, the present church was erected.

Hector Heritage Quay

33 Caladh Avenue, Pictou

The Hector Heritage Quay features three stories of displays of information about the passengers the ship and its voyage to the new world, a short documentary, rigging and carving shop, carpentry shop, as well as a full scale replica of the ship which was constructed on site.

Hector Square Monument

Near 12 Market Street, Pictou

The sculpture of a highlander holding a musket at his side and an axe over his shoulder was unveiled on July 17, 1923 in the Hector Square.

Jitney Trail

87 Caladh Avenue, Pictou

The Jitney Trail in Pictou is a beautiful recreational trail in the Northumberland Shore region from Pictou’s waterfront to Brown’s Point – the landing site of the Ship Hector. Walkers, cyclists and in-line skaters can enjoy a 3-km trail to the site where the ship Hector made its historic landing in 1773. Over 1.5 km of this trail is paved; interpretive panels can be found along the way providing information on the history of the trail, the waterfront and the region.

Locally Known as the Water Street Studio Building

110 Water Street, Pictou

Built circa 1825, this building is a fine example of Scottish stone houses. Distinctive features are the Scottish (5 sided) dormers and the rough cut and polished stone block construction. Since its early days, the building has been a combined storefront and residence. From the 1920’s to the 1960’s is housed the offices of the last of a long line of Harris Sheriffs whose family arrived aboard the Betsy in 1767.

MacGregor Monument

Across from 222 Haliburton Road, Pictou

Across from the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital at the cairn honoring Rev James MacGregor, a pioneer minister who arrived in Pictou in 1786. MacGregor’s journals have been a great source of information regarding the daily lives of people in pioneer Pictou.

McCulloch House Museum

100 Haliburton Road, Pictou

Visit McCulloch’s 200-year-old brick home and explore exhibits that detail how one man’s passion launched him on a journey to create public education in this province.

McCulloch House Museum & Genealogy Centre

86 Haliburton Road, Pictou

Discover your roots and explore the story of Pictou at the McCulloch House Museum & Genealogy Centre, a treasure trove of local history and genealogy that celebrates the legacy of Dr. Thomas McCulloch and the diverse cultures that shape Nova Scotia.

No. 2 Construction Battalion Monument

87 Caladh Avenue, Pictou

This Battalion reflected the strong determination of Black men to contribute to Canada's First World War effort despite discrimination.

Northumberland Fisheries Museum

21 Caladh Ave, Pictou

The Northumberland Fisheries Museum in Pictou pays tribute to the fisheries industry of the Northumberland Shore region by preserving the rich sea heritage and culture of the Northumberland Strait. The Pictou Lobster Hatchery is the only one of its kind in Canada that is accessible to the public, a great resource to the Museum as an educational tool.  The Hatchery's primary goal is to help conserve is the lobster populations in the Northumberland Strait by live releasing Stage IV Lobsters into the Strait.  The Lighthouse Research and Interpretative Centre features a collection from local historian, author, lighthouse expert and founder of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society, E.H. Rip Irwin. This material includes a library of over 110 books, pamphlets, maps, magazines, over 34 volumes of lighthouse research related to NS and much more.

Nova Scotia Family Fun Boat Tours

87 Caladh Ave Pictou

Boat Tours, Sunset Diner Cruises, Seal Tours, Private Boat Rentals, Boat Charters. Call Captain Chris

Old CN Train Station

115 Front Street, Pictou

The Old C.N. Station was built circa 1904 for the Intercolonial Railroad following a company design. The structure, which also features a double façade, was built on reclaimed land and reflects the eclectic tastes of the period. Interesting features include the steep pictured gable dormers and the central Palladian window. It became part of the Canadian National Railway system in 1923. The building is now owned by the Town of Pictou.

Old Post Office

20 Water St, Pictou

The Old Post Office was built in 1895 to accommodate the increased volume of mail passing through Pictou bound for Prince Edward Island and Quebec. This is a Victorian building with elements of the Georgian and Four Square styles built in sandstone with a copper sheathed roof. The west dormer is unique, incorporating a chimney with a central window.

Pictou Academy Monument

Near 161 Church Street, Pictou

On this site, from 1818 to 1932, stood the Pictou Academy. Founded by the Presbyterian minister and educator Thomas McCulloch, the institution introduced non-sectarian higher education to the maritime provinces.

Pictou County War Monument

Near 11 Willow Street, Pictou

Constructed in memory of all persons who were killed in World War I, World War II, and the Korean Conflict. The Pictou County War Memorial was formally unveiled on the 11th day of July 1935 at 2:30 p.m.

Pictou Harbourview Market

66 Caladh Ave Pictou

The Pictou Harbourview Market is a summertime market located on the waterfront in Pictou Nova, Scotia. The Market boast local Vendors, Farmers, Artisans/Artist as well as a great experience for Tourist and Locals alike.

Pictou United Church

47 James St, Pictou

The present Pictou United Church was dedicated on June 28,1964. Unlike the other churches on this tour, the building is relatively young (“mid-century”) but the congregation dates back to Church Union in 1925, when Methodists and some Presbyterians joined to form the United Church.

Pictou Yacht Club

2 Harbour Drive, Pictou

Pictou Marina is located on the Northumberland Strait at the mouth of Pictou Harbour. The marina offers sheltered, deep water berths for boats up to 60 feet, shore power & water hook ups, marine supply store, and dockside fuel.

Pier C Wharf

2 Depot Street, Pictou

Pier C 183 m (600 ft) long with an adjacent fenced laydown area is privately owned but operated as a public facility. It has a least depth of 7.6m (25 ft) alongside.

R.P. Grant - Pictou Men's Club

58 Front Street, Pictou

R.P. Grant home was built circa 1853 for merchant/politician R.P. Grant. Grant, whose father was a publisher and bookseller, arrived from Scotland in 1835. He married Annie Carmichael, daughter of the founder of New Glasgow. A pro-Confederation Liberal, he was a member of the Legislative Assembly from 1859 to 1863. He was appointed a Senator in 1877. The house is an excellent example of the Picturesque style whose interesting features include a Palladian style window and bargeboard trim.

Recreational Rentals & Visitor Information

27 Creighton Street Pictou

Visitor information and pedal boat, Kayak and cruiser bike rentals!

Sandstone Home

102 Coleraine Street, Pictou

This charming sandstone structure was designed in Scottish crofter style, and dates back to about 1820. It is constructed with double walls, allowing for an air space of sixteen inches between the walls for insulation. This building became well known when it was used as the “Shire Shop” antique and gift store. It is now a private home.

Scanlan Graham-Scanlan Law Office

98 Water Street, Pictou

This double house dates back to 1824, and is typical of Scottish architectural style in its sturdy construction, the use of stone, and the shaping of dormers.

Scotiabank Building

70 Coleraine St, Pictou

The Bank of Nova Scotia was built circa 1878 by Adam McKean for the Pictou Bank. In the mid-1880’s the Pictou Bank fell upon hard times and sold the property to the Bank of N.S. for $5,000.00. This is the third oldest branch of the Bank of N.S. in the province. The Second Empire structure features beautify ogee dormers and keystone labels above the first storey windows and doors.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

105 Coleraine Street, Pictou

In 1866 the original building was replaced by a brick and stone church. It served the congregation as a church home until 1893, when it was destroyed by fire, to be replaced by the present handsome brick building, completed in 1895.

St. James Anglican Church

36 Denoon Street, Pictou

in 1879 the cornerstone was laid for the present church building, which was dedicated for worship on June 5th, 1881.

Stalker Building - Former Bank

78 Coleraine Street, Pictou

Next to the bank is a building which was also formerly used as a bank. Locally known as the Stalker Building, but is now the home of the Scotsman Inn, was built in 1865. This structure has always housed shops and offices until recently where it has become a home & Inn. Its architectural style nicely compliments that of the bank.

Stella Maris Church

26 St Stephen Street, Pictou

Stella Maris Church is located on St. Stephen Street in Pictou, Nova Scotia. This brick, Gothic Revival style church was built in 1865 and stands out among the surrounding sandstone and wood frame residential buildings.

Stella Maris Convent Building

17 Denoon Street, Pictou

Stella Maris Convent, completed in 1880, is a large three-storey building of red brick masonry with sandstone quoins. The most distinguishing architectural feature is the mansard roof with gable dormers. This roof profile is a major element of the Second Empire style, which in turn was closely associated with late nineteenth century institutional architecture.

Stone House Building

13 Water Street, Pictou

The Stone House was built circa 1832 for Alex Campbell and Andrew Miller who carried on a baking business in the building until 1864. In the 1960’s and early 1970’s, the building housed the Public Health offices. An excellent example of a Scottish stone house featuring the five sided dormers and endwall chimneys.

Summer Musical Showcase

87 Caladh Ave Pictou

The Hector Quay Visitors Marina hosts free, live music throughout July and August on the Marina stage. Enjoy the array of talent both local and abroad, as this season sees performers from throughout Pictou County, Nova Scotia and even as far as Scotland.

The Consulate Inn Building

157 Water St, Pictou

Built circa 1810 for George Smith, timber merchant and Member of the Legislative Assembly on three occasions commencing in 1819. The house is a cross between Georgian and Scottish vernacular styles. In the mid-1800’s the building housed the American Consulate. Another previous occupant was J. Welsford MacDonald, a Liberal MLA elected to four terms in the legislature beginning in 1920. The building is now a private home.

Vendor Village on the Pictou Waterfront

27 Creighton St Pictou

Vendor Village is part of a unique area on the Pictou Waterfront that beckons both locals and visitors to enjoy musical performances, special events, markets, and more. This multifaceted area of the waterfront also provides amenities such as play areas, art installations, water access, recreation rentals, and a variety of seating options along the water's edge.

YMCA Building

30 Water Street, Pictou

The YMCA building was built in 1879