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Unidentified Sunken Ship

Interesting History

In 2015, the discovery of a sunken ship in Pictou Harbour, N.S., stirred fascination among divers, who describe the wreck as "amazing" and a significant piece of maritime history.

The discovery came during a routine survey by the Canadian Hydrographic Service, revealing the existence of the wreck in shallow waters close to the shore.

Divers, intrigued by the untouched remains of the vessel, embarked on an expedition to explore the wreck. Their findings indicate that the ship is likely over 120 years old, with measurements suggesting a length of nearly 60 meters.

Of particular interest are the two massive wooden propellers, standing at an impressive three meters in height, showcasing the craftsmanship of the era.

The remarkably preserved state of the wreck, including its upright position on the seabed with both anchors deployed, is a rarity in maritime archaeology. The presence of fire damage hints at a tragic end for the vessel, possibly while it was anchored in the harbor.

Despite the ship's age and fragility, the wreck offers valuable insights into the maritime history of the region. Further exploration may shed light on its identity and the circumstances surrounding its sinking, but at this point the mystery remains unsolved.