Timber Buildings

You will discover several different architectural styles of timber buildings as you stroll around downtown. From a one storey Classical Revival building, with a wood frame construction and a steeply pitched roof, classic Maritime architecture and a New England Colonial style home & Inn which is very well maintained.

Cunard House

40 Coleraine Street, Pictou

This building was built in 1832 by Samuel Cunard, the founder of Cunard Steamship Lines. The Cunard House is a piece of classic Maritime architecture and turned out to be a piece of history as well. Looking onto the harbour on the second floor are three crooked windows that make it stand out in all the old photos of the waterfront. They present a unique 'face' and we think we know their story.

J.D.B Fraser Building

37 Water Street, Pictou

J.D.B Fraser, built circa 1830, this building was home to a drugstore for nearly 150 years. James D.B Fraser opened his pharmacy here in 1835. He was one of the first people to manufacture and pioneer the use of chloroform in North America. In 1848, he administered the anesthetic to his wife during childbirth resulting in a furor within the town’s churches.

New Caledonian Curling Club

66 Caladh Street, Pictou

The historic value of The New Caledonian Curling Club, as recognized in its municipal designation, is because of its age and recognition as the second oldest curling club in Nova Scotia and third oldest in all of Canada. The New Caledonian Curling Club dates back to 1850. The formation date of the Club makes it the second oldest Curling Club in Nova Scotia. The current location of the club was built in 1910 and has been the club’s home ever since. The Club is a one storey Classical Revival building, with a wood frame construction and a steeply pitched roof.

Pictou Pharmasave

33 Water St, Pictou

This building was built in 1865 and was known as the Commercial Centre. It is today's Pictou Pharmasave on Water Street.

The Willow House

11 Willow St, Pictou

Willow House was built circa 1840 for David Matheson, Clerk of the Peace, Prothonotary and Pictou’s first Mayor in 1874. This is an excellent example of a New England Colonial style home and is very well maintained. Another previous owner was David McCulloch, brother of Rev. Dr. Thomas McCulloch, Chief Customs Collector for the Town of Pictou.