We welcome you to our quaint seaside Town of Pictou on the Northumberland Shore of Nova Scotia where we boast the most developed waterfront between Halifax and Sydney. Come experience our historic Scottish architecture, beaches, trails, museums, restaurants, shops and friendly people.

We invite you to Experience Pictou

Pictou's Events

Pictou Attractions

Hector Heritage Quay

McCulloch House Museum & Genealogy Centre

Northumberland Fisheries Museum

Take a stroll along our historic waterfront, dock your boat at one of our marinas, explore our trails & sea by renting a bicycle, kayak or canoe, unwind at one of our five beautiful beaches, enjoy a musical performance, festival, event, dining...and so much more!

A stroll through the historic Scottish charm of Pictou's streets, highlighting facades, Shopping, Places to Stay & Eat and Things to Do & See.